Ethical building beyond the rule of art

We have certified beyond the regulations in force to guarantee a greater value in the time of our realization, to offer a conscious quality of the materials and to guarantee between client and company a clear and direct relationship. That's how. To comply with current regulations:

- Technical director of production from 2007
The new technical norms for the constructions (DM 14/01/2008), require the figure within the company of the technical Director of production certifying that as a result of the workings the wood employed maintains the certified mechanical characteristics At the origin.

- Ministerial qualification of machining Centre for structural elements in wood
This certificate is issued by the Superior Council of Public Works-Central technical Service and certifies and identifies the wood processing plant within the meaning of DM 14/01/2008

- Certification SOA qualifies OS32 category II
Attests to the company's compliance with technical and economic requirements for the execution of public works within the limits of the reference category. But to go beyond the current legislation:

- PEFC and FSC certified Wood
ARL uses only PEFC and FSC certified raw materials in order to guarantee to the customer that the wood used in the manufacture of the products responds to high standards of safeguarding social characteristics, Environmental and economic impacts of forests.

- S.A.L.E. protocol
ARL chose to join the voluntary protocol S.A.L.E. Wood building Reliability System. S.A.L.E. is the first Italian protocol shared with insurance and credit institutions and sponsored by Federlegnoarredo, which allows certified manufacturers to offer their clients:
- Constructive methods and highly restrictive procedures to guarantee high standards of quality and durability in the construction of an engineering work with wood structure
- Agreements with insurance companies to achieve high standards of constructive conditions
- Agreements with lenders that recognizing the goodness and reliability of S.A.L.E.-branded buildings allow for procedures, timing and delivery modalities that are particularly functional for constructions with wooden structure.

- Short wood chain of Casentino forests
ARL participates through the wood section of Confindustria Toscana Sud to create a new short chain that allows the virtuous use of raw materials coming from the Tuscan forest.

Lignius: Italian National Association of prefabricated Wooden houses
ARL has decided to join Lignius as an association that gathers the most professionalism and companies of the sector with the intent to affirm a new ethics of building and living. The platform offers customers the opportunity to find technically correct and objective information on the real opportunities offered by this kind of building and warns against false myths and improvised in the industry.

Operations Manager and site inspector for Wood Engineering works
As provided for in appendix A of UNI TR 11499/2013 ("Structural timber-guidelines for on-site acceptance checks") This figure, which is not obligatory today, will play a fundamental role in the near future where it operates in contexts characterised by complexity and engineering uniqueness of the work where the presence of a highly qualified interlocutor is indispensable. Qualified at the disposal of the DL.

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