A constant research activity & development to support our every project

The ARL technicians collaborated until 2000 with the CNR, area of Florence, for the prototyping of the building for Housing emergencies project "Clea" which saw the construction of more than 100 buildings, currently still inhabited, in the area of Molise affected by Earthquake of 2002.
ARL has carried out numerous research and development projects over the years, in collaboration with leading companies in the construction and automation sectors for woodworking.
ARL currently collaborates with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence in the field of research:
A) for the implementation of systems for the collection, generation and accumulation of energy/heat through the application of mini-solar concentrating plants applicable to high performance buildings such as the one bearing structure in wood of the mono type and Semi detached
b) for monitoring the behaviour of building components over time, by detecting and analyzing temperature, humidity and transmittance data through the insertion of a sensor specification into the different elements that make up the Wall package of buildings with wooden bearing structure. This happens both on specific test-Cell experimental workstations in use at the university, and on real civilian buildings in agreement with particularly available and sensitive clients.

All the activity carried out has the purpose to bring in ARL a quantity of knowledge and experience whose support becomes decisive to face with the utmost professionalism projects every day different, customized on the needs of the customer, and having Goals and objectives always new and each time more ambitious.

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